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By Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd.
September 17, 2015
Category: Athletic Foot Care
Tags: Marathons  

Marathon PreparationThe Chicago Marathon is coming up soon. Will your feet be ready? Running can place quite a bit of stress and strain on feet, especially during a marathon. Here are five tips your podiatrist at Affiliated Podiatrists recommends to make sure your feet will be ready for the Chicago Marathon this year.

1. Begin Training Well in Advance

If you plan on running the Chicago Marathon this year, you need to have started training well in advance. Try to do too much of your training at the last minute, and not only are you unlikely to do well during the race, but you are much more likely to develop an overuse injury such as plantar fasciitis.

2. Invest in Quality Socks and Shoes

Don't even attempt to run long distances without both shoes and socks that are up to the job. Skip your worn-out old tennis shoes and invest in quality running shoes that are comfortable and that offer the support and stability you need. Switch them out after every 350 to 500 miles, but be sure to break in a new pair well in advance of the race.

The socks you choose are just as important, as choosing the wrong pair can result in painful blisters or cuts. Choose well-fitting, moisture-wicking socks that won't bunch, twist or slide down.

3. Trim Your Toenails

Forget to trim your toenails and not only can you cut your surrounding toes during a long race, but your toenails can even turn black from the repeated pressure. Trim your nails straight across, and be careful not to cut them too short, as this can be uncomfortable as well.

4. Protect Against Blisters

Blisters are a common runners' complaint. Protect your feet by wearing the right pair of socks and shoes, by keeping your feet dry during the race, and by using a protective lubricant, powder or a bandage to prevent excessive friction in problem areas.

5. Visit Your Chicago Podiatrist

Lastly, if you have existing corns, calluses, warts or other foot problems, be sure to visit your Chicago podiatrist Dr. Feder before the race to have them taken care of. This will eliminate points of friction and help keep your feet safe and comfortable mile after mile.

You've been preparing for the Chicago Marathon for months. Don't let all of your hard work and training go to waste. Use these five tips from your podiatrist at Affiliated Podiatrists in Chicago to prepare your feet for an excellent race.

September 09, 2015
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When was the last time that you looked at your orthotics? Are 
you wearing them? Are they still helping? Are the materials still holding 

And when was the last time that we looked at your orthotics? Do 
you know that many worn pair can be refurbished? Or if there has been a 
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You check first and then we'll double check. Call us today at: 

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By Barefoot Blues
July 23, 2015
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What lies hidden in the grass, dirt or sand can definitely wreak havoc on bare feet. A puncture wound to the foot can cause serious injury. Even after the object is removed, any dirt or bacteria pushed into the wound from the injury can lead to an infection, painful scarring or even a cyst. Exercise caution when choosing to be barefoot! Puncture  wounds should be treated promptly. We have staff available 6 days a week. Call: 773-202-8800

By Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd.
July 07, 2015
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Toenail Fungus  

Nail FungusDiscover the best tips for stopping toenail fungus from happening to you this summer.

With the start of the summer, we also open the doors to local swimming pools and other fun outdoor activities. While we all want to enjoy our time at the community pool it’s important that we take the necessary precautions to prevent problems like toenail fungus. Here are some helpful hints from the office of your Near North Chicago podiatrist Dr. Marc Feder. We can help you avoid toenail fungus, while still getting to enjoy these glorious summer days!

Never go barefoot

This is probably the number one rule to follow if you want to avoid toenail fungus this summer. Fungus thrives in moist environments like public showers, pools and gym locker rooms. To avoid a toenail infection, always wear sandals or flip-flops, even when showering.

Wash feet every day

Just as we wash our hands every day to keep germs away the same should be done for our feet. After all, we do spend a lot of our day on our feet, so it’s important to thoroughly wash them with soap and water to remove dirt and bacteria that we might have picked up along the way. This is especially important after enjoying a day at the pool or other public area like the gym.

Keep nails trimmed

Keep nails at a manageable and clean length, making sure to always trim nails straight across rather than at a curve. Nails should be at the same length as the tip of your toe. Keeping toenails cleaned and trimmed will help to prevent fungus from making your nail a home.

Wear moisture-wicking socks

Once it starts to get humid out, we all want to wear shoes and socks that eliminate some of that unwanted moisture. While it might seem hard to picture wearing socks in the summer, if you are trying to prevent toenail fungus, then you do want to wear socks that effectively absorb sweat.

Wash shoes regularly

Since feet can get sweaty in shoes, particularly during the hot summer months, it’s now more important than ever to wash your shoes often. This includes everything from hiking boots to sandals. Shoes that haven’t been washed are great places for bacteria and fungus to thrive.

Try an antifungal powder

If you’re prone to getting toenail fungus, then you may want to take additional precautions and sprinkle antifungal powder into your shoes and on your feet.

Suffering from toenail fungus and looking for an effective treatment? Then contact your Near North Chicago, IL foot doctor today at Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd. to schedule an appointment. Don’t deal with unattractive toenails during sandal season!

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