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By Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd.
November 26, 2014
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Your podiatrist has some preventive tips for keeping athletes in the game.

Whenever you get on the field or the court, you know that the game comes with certain risks. Injuries can happen anytime to an athlete; however, there are certainly precautions you can take to ensure that you keep your feet and ankles safe while also enjoying a challenging and exciting game. Whether you play team sports like football or soccer or you prefer solo activities like running, your Portage Park podiatrist is here to give you some tips on how to prevent foot-related sports injuries.

Warm-up your body

It’s important that you keep your body conditioned and warm before you participate in any sport. It’s especially important that you don’t push yourself so far beyond your abilities that you risk injury. If you want to participate in a marathon, you don’t want to wait until the week of to begin running. You want to train your body slowly and build up endurance and strength for months beforehand. Pushing yourself too hard means your body has to work twice as hard, which puts added pressure and force on your feet. Allow your body time to build up muscle so you can train effectively and safely.

Participate in light stretching and jogging to warm up your body before engaging in any sporting endeavor. Perform exercises that give your muscles full range of motion, to prevent injuries.

Listen to your body

If you’ve already had a foot or ankle injury, then you need to be careful and listen to when you body is telling you it’s had enough. You may need to wear orthotics or a special brace while playing sports to give you ample support and to keep unnecessary pressure off previously injured areas.

If you’ve had issues with your ankles or knees in the past, this can also impact your feet and put excessive pressure on the heels and soles. If you start to notice pain or discomfort, it’s time to take a break and give your body a rest. You don’t want to push yourself so hard that you risk re-injury.

Gear up!

One of the most important things you can do to protect your feet and ankles is to wear the proper gear. That means, investing in the proper pair of shoes for your chosen sport such as ski boots, running shoes, hiking boots, and skates. Find an athletic store in your area and talk to an expert on what shoes will work best for your activity level. Also, make sure to toss old, worn-out shoes when it’s time, as they won’t offer the same protection that you need.

If you are experiencing any pain in your feet or ankles, or notice any problems while participating in sports, call us today so you can see one of our Portage Park podiatrists. Don’t let an injury keep you down. We want to get you back on your feet and back in the game!

By Affiliated Podiatrists
November 03, 2014
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Halloween or not, frightful feet don't scare us. After all, we've been treating painful foot and ankle problems for years, and have probably seen it all. Besides, we've embraced the very latest in proven technologies to help our patients heal quickly and completely. 

Today, we've got Laser, EPAT, wound care products, diagnostic equipment, biologics, surgical instrumentation, orthotics, pads, straps, & physical therapists. And we make footcare affordable for those with insurance, and even for those without insurance. 

If you know anyone with frightful feet who is scared to seek treatment, have them call us for an appointment today at: 773-202-8800. We'll say "BOO!" to sore feet. 

September 25, 2014
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Heels, flats, flip-flops: some of the trendiest shoes can be the riskiest. The worst offender are flip-flops. They’re meant for the beach and the pool, not for everyday walking.

People tend to drag their feet or grip with their toes in order to keep the flip-flops on their feet causing an imbalance and greater risk of injuries.

Flip-flops can contribute to a number of foot-related problems, including heel pain, cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. They can also lead to more severe conditions such as bunions, hammertoes back and leg pain, tendonitis and cracked, fissured heels.

By Affiliated Podiatrists, LTD
September 22, 2014
Category: Foot Care
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PodiatristsIn today’s society, many of us are interested in getting in shape and becoming healthy individuals. However, sometimes exercise can be a drag. One activity that can be beneficial to your health is walking, but what can you do to make it more fun and effective? To help you stay physically active, healthy and happy, Dr. Marc Feder, our Chicago podiatrist, offers 5 helpful tips for making walking more fun and effective, while also protecting your feet from harm.

1. Bring a Friend

It is hard to stay motivated—we’ve all been there before. To help you remain motivated, invite a friend. When you invite a friend to join you on walks, it can help you remain motivated because you won’t want to let your friend down. Having a walking partner can keep you both active and healthy by urging the other to keep up with your walking schedule. Find your buddy and start walking today!

2. Add Weights

While walking can be beneficial for your health, you can always add a great aerobic benefit with weights. The addition of weights as you walk can help to create further exercise in helping you get in shape and say fit. You can add the weights to your belt or pockets to help evenly distribute the weight while you are walking. It also helps to keep things changing within your workout routine—add more weights as you grow accustomed to the weight!

3. Take Your Dog

Previously we mentioned to bring a friend, but if you have a dog why not bring them, too? By bringing your dog on a walk, not only are you getting exercise, but your dog is, too! Start out slow and bring your dog on a short walk. Each time you take a walk, try going for a longer period of time until you reach your end goal and are able to complete the same walk every day or every other day. Try to mix things up a bit and change your walking area to try new things and keep it interesting.

4. Get a Pedometer

A pedometer counts each step you take and 2,000 steps equal a mile of walking. Wear your pedometer all day to see just how many steps you take daily. And at the end of your workday, go for a walk to add more steps to your pedometer! Not only will you be getting exercise, but you will have fun doing it. Uh oh—only at 4,500 steps? Take a quick walk to build up your steps to 6,000 for a total of 3 miles! There are even apps on your phone to aide in walking and monitoring how far you have gone, your route, and other benefits.

5. Bring Music

Sometimes all you need is a good set of tunes to get you going for your daily walk. Choose upbeat music that can motivate you to walk and to keep walking. Try to walk to the beat of the music to make it even more fun and entertaining. By listening to your favorite music, you can keep your interest from wandering to other things on your to-do list. You can even create a walking-specific playlist of songs that keep you in the mood to remain active.

Remember to Wear Proper Footwear

While you can make walking fun, it is also important to make sure you wear proper footwear so that you do not suffer an injury that prevents you from working out. When it comes to your shoes, it is important to choose a good quality, lightweight walking shoe with breathable upper materials. The heel counter should be very firm and it should have reduced cushioning to position the heel closer to the ground for walking stability.

Call Affiliated Podiatrists, LTD Today!

Proper footwear is essential in protecting your feet from injury and pain, while allowing you to remain active and properly walk for exercise. It is important to first meet with your podiatrist prior to beginning any exercise or walking routine. By meeting with your podiatrist in Chicago, a proper walking regimen can be created to ensure appropriate exercise and protection of your feet.
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