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Chicago, IL Fungal Nails

Since fungal nails are usually more resistant and more difficult to treat than Athlete's foot, topical or oral antifungal medications may be prescribed. Permanent nail removal is another possible form of treatment for fungal nails.

Now there may be an answer and it's non-invasive. Currently, we are the exclusive providers in Chicago of PathoLase, a laser light that clears the nail fungus. Without pain and without pills, the treatment is performed in one office visit.

PathoLase is an FDA-cleared, UV A LASER that heals nail fungus at the speed of light, without pain and without pills. And there is neither loss nor damage to the nail. It's a treatment performed in our office, in one treatment session.

Early clinical trials report a better than 80% cure rate. Our patient's progress is documented with photographs at the beginning, after 4 months and at 8 months following the treatment.

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After a fungal nail infection has cleared up, you can take steps to prevent the infection from coming back.

Keeping the fungus under control will help prevent a fungal infection of the skin from reinfecting the nail. Before bed, thoroughly wash and dry your feet, and apply a non-prescription anti-fungal cream to the entire foot from the ankle down. Use the cream every night, then gradually apply it less often. Keep your feet dry. Dry feet are less likely to become infected. Apply powder to your dry feet after you take a shower or bath.

Other tips:

  • Don't share nail clippers or nail files with others.
  • Don't share shoes or socks with others.
  • Try not to injure your nail, such as by cutting it too short (trauma to the nail may lead to infections).
  • Wear dry cotton socks, and change them two or three times a day if necessary.
  • Wear dry shoes that allow air to circulate around your feet (tight, enclosed, moist shoes contribute to fungal toenail infections).
  • Wear shower sandals or shower shoes when you are at a public pool or shower.

Follow basic foot care guidelines and you more than likely can head off most common foot fungus problems.

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